The Riebeek Valley consists of two small, picturesque towns - Riebeek-Kasteel and Riebeek-West. Riebeek-Kasteel is situated on the slopes of the Kasteelberg (Castle) Mountain, a 946m high solitary rock of Table Mountain sandstone, sentinal amidst the rolling wheatfields and vineyards of the Swartland. The tranquil village is covered in the softest hues of pink and white during spring when the peach orchards are in bloom.

Riebeek-Kasteel was named after Jan van Riebeeck and the Kasteelberg Mountain. The name Riebeek-Kasteel appears for the first time in the journal of the surgeon, Pieter van Meerhof, in 1661 while he was on a discovery expedition. Riebeek-Kasteel is primarily known for its wines, wheat and olives, and is home to several wineries and three olive oil producers. In the last few years many artists have moved into the area and a wide variety of art can be found in the valley. The artists can be contacted directly or the art galleries can be visited.

The wine cellars and olive growers welcome visitors to taste their produce, the more adventurous can even taste olive oil! During the olive season, guided tours of the olive oil presses can be arranged. For outdoor enthusiasts there are hiking trails, 4x4 and mountain bike routes. For those wishing to spend more than a day in the Valley, there are a range of accommodation establishments and restaurants which cater for a variety of tastes and preferences.


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