Lutzville & Koekenaap

Lutzville and Koekenaap are situated in the Lower Olifants River Valley, between the Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast and the Olifants River inland. They are a modest three hour drive from Cape Town and about 25km from the snoek and crayfish-filled West Coast waters.

Lutzville, previously known as Vleermuijsklip, used to be home to herds of elephant who rubbed themselves against a rocky outcrop in the area. The vicinity of Lutzville is synonymous with quality wine, beautiful spring flowers, the Atlantic, unforgettable holiday experiences, a moderate climate and of course, the friendly people. Seven kilometres from Lutzville, the close by hamlet of Koekenaap is set in a patchwork landscape of farming units. As in Lutzville, farmers produce grapes, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, beetroot, pumpkin and a variety of fruit.


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