Cape West Coast & Namakwa Flower Report 4 October 2012 << go back

posted on 05 October 2012




For more detail please contact the Darling wild flower Society phone no (084 916 1111) for up to date and on the ground info. and weather forecasts



LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        The following reserves still worth a walk through:


Tienie Versfeld Reserve (R315 Darling – Yzerfontein);


Duckitt Nurseries Wildflower Reserve – farm road                                                      

through reserve (R307 Darling – Mamre – in front of Duckitt                                                          Nursery);


Waylands – farm road through reserve (R307 to Mamre)


Visitors must please take care not to drive off the road in the                                               Waylands and Duckitt Nurseries reserves as they may get                                                      stuck. No buses.


 Burgherspost Wine Estate Reserve (R315 Darling –                                                      Malmesbury) does wildflower game drives if booked in                                                          advance with Conservation Manager, Jacques vd Merwe 022 492 2830 /084 606 3470  e-mail:   


Burgherspost  flower drives will only be operating till                                                           Wednesday. Thursday we have Rocking the Daisies to Sunday and the weekend thereafter the flowers will be gone 


The Bokbaaivygie trail near Yzerfontein is also still good.


All along the coast there is still lots of purple cineraria                                                         (Senecio elegans) and yellow bushes and shrubs. The West                                                   Coast Rd is awash with purple Senecio Elegance, Chinks and                                                 orange ursinia’s.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                    


Duckitt Nurseries Wildflower Reserve:


Kelkiewyn in particular still very good here


Waylands reserve:


This reserve still very pretty. Grasses are starting to grow quite high. Lots of blue flax, kelkiewyn, arums, botterblom and a variety of daisies.


Tienie Versfeld


 still amazing esp with the Geissorhiza darlingensis just starting. Quite a number of different varieties still flowering.


urgherspost Wine Estate Reserve 


Most of the flowers are over, the yellow daisies are still in big patches but slowly being drowned out by the grasses. In the wetlands, the kelkiewyntjies are still nice and some nice Romulea’s and Kalkoentjies. There is a big patch of about 2 ha just is filling up with Watsonias – will be really nice when the sun starts coming through.


FLOWER SHOWS:           Over until next year



Darling Wildflower Show


Fri 20 until Sunday 22 September 2013                                         


Enquiries 022 492 3361


Duckitt Nurseries Orchid Show


Fri 19 – Sunday 22 September 2013


022 492 2606





As our flower season is slowly coming to a end you can see     


even more bushes of purple Cinerarias popping up in the 


fields on the R315 heading down to Yzerfontein after the


West Coast turn off. Bokbaai vygie trail is now closed but


Schaap Eiland trail is available to the public. It is a lovely trail


That runs next to the ocean. We do have a few field flowers


Left. Our Gousblomme are still in bloom as well as some Kus


Gousblomme. Cineriarias are the last flowers to bloom in our


Flower season. So when they start to lose their color it means  our flower season has ended. They are still a beautiful flower


To see before our season ends.





TYPE OF FLOWERS:                    



These are the type of flowers in our area for the season.


Cinerarias-Pink and Yellow, Bokbaaivygies, Senecio, Babiana nana, Gazania Pectinata(Kaapse Rooi Gousblom), Arctotis Stoechadifolia(Kus Gousblom)


Purple Cinerarias are becoming the star of the show here in Yzerfontein.


HOW MANY FLOWERS:            Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.











 For more info on other Attractions and Events in the West Coast region, please visit our website on, or contact our office on Tel: 022 433 8505.






Hi all


Herewith short report:


Rainfall, Skilpad section, Namaqua National Park:


April 2012: 13.71mm

May 2012: 14.74mm

June 2012: 86.62mm

July 2012: 35.30mm

August 2012: 68.81mm

September 2012: 5.83mm (to date)


There has been little rain and hot days the past month, and in the Skilpad area the flower ‘carpets’ are now starting to go down quickly. For late visitors there is still quite a lot of individual species to be seen, amongst other koringblomme; Gazanias and Varkiesknolle. These flowers are best seen by walking the trails or just getting out of your vehicle.


The coastal section from the Spoeg river to the Groen river is still excellent for a variety of colors. Purple, pink and white vygies are dominant. You will need a 4x4 vehicle for this section.


Kind regards





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20  SEPTEMBER 2012


Dear All


We are proud to announce that the Namakwa region is in bloom.   The spring flowers is out in various colours like the orange daisies,  yellow peit snot and white daisies.   Our rainfall figures had also improved over the past weeks and we have defnatly more flowers to

show tourists coming from all over South-Africa and even from abroad.  


Flowers can be viewed in the following towns/areas 


  • Klipkoppie Springbok
  • Lodge Street Springbok
  • On the road between Okiep and Concordia
  • Nababeep
  • Namakwa National Park
  • Goegap Nature  Reserve
  • Garies
  • Hantam Botanicle  Garden
  • Calvinia town centre


Tips when watching flowers


  • Flowers are out during the day between 11:00 to 15:00
  • Temperatures must be up to 18 degrees  in order for flowers to open


 What to ware when watching flowers

  • Comfortable shoes
  • long pents (aspecially  when going for walks in the veld)


tourists advice


  • accommodation should be booked in advance
  • most of the towns do have fuel stations
  • most commercial banks are in Springbok accept for NEDBANK
  • most retail stores are situated in Springbok




  •  flower maps is available at all tourist information offices as wel  as at   all accomodation establishments.  


We wishes  you all a lovely sunny weekend.




Pearl Heyn


Tips for viewing flowers.

As the flowers also face the sun, a good general principle is to travel north relatively quickly and then do most of your flower viewing in a southerly direction so that the flowers are always facing you.


  • The flowers are at their best between 11:00am and 16:pm in the afternoon so there is no need to rush out straight after breakfast, (unless you have some traveling to do before you get to the flower region).


  • The flowers will not come out in heavily overcast or rainy weather so you should plan to visit other sights on such days. Keep this fact in mind planning your trip.


  • The displays are noticeably better if you travel with the sun behind you so that the flowers are facing you. So when planning your daily route, try to travel in a westerly direction in the morning, southerly during the day and turn east in the afternoon.


  • Get out of your car and walk amongst the flowers – you will appreciate them so much more.


  • The petal-like structures of daisy and vygie flowers only begin to open out once they have reached a threshold temperature, which is usually 20 °C on the coast and 17 °C on the cooler uplands.


The flowers season peaks between early August and late September and its delights depend on the winter rains. Some years are better than others. If there has been a steady flow of cold fronts during the winter, then it is likely to be a good flower season. However spring temperatures are also important. If it heats up too quickly then the early visitors have glorious sunshine but the flowers do not last very long.


The Catch 22 is that lots of rain means good flower displays. But if it continues to rain during the spring, then it’s not so much fun to view the flowers!


As a general rule the wild flowers begin first in the north in Namaqualand in late July/early August and then advance southwards through Niewoudtville and the Cederberg towards the West Coast as September begins. Thus if you are planning a trip for early to mid September, you will be too late for Namaqualand but fine for the West Coast around Darling and Langebaan. Similarly if you are coming in mid August then the best displays will be further north – generally speaking…