Cape West Coast & Namakwa Flower Report 1 October 2012 << go back

posted on 02 October 2012




For more detail please contact the Darling wild flower Society phone no (084 916 1111) for up to date and on the ground info. and weather forecasts



LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        The following reserves still worth a walk through:

                                                Tienie Versfeld Reserve (R315 Darling – Yzerfontein);

                                                            Duckitt Nurseries Wildflower Reserve – farm road                                                       through reserve (R307 Darling – Mamre – in front of Duckitt                                                          Nursery);

                                                Waylands – farm road through reserve (R307 to Mamre)

                                                Visitors must please take care not to drive off the road in the                                               Waylands and Duckitt Nurseries reserves as they may get                                                      stuck. No buses.

                                                            Burgherspost Wine Estate Reserve (R315 Darling –                                                      Malmesbury) does wildflower game drives if booked in                                                          advance with Conservation Manager, Jacques vd Merwe                                                        022 492 2830 /084 606 3470  e-mail:   

                                                Burgherspost  flower drives will only be operating till                                                           Wednesday. Thursday we have Rocking the Daisies to Sunday                                               and the weekend thereafter the flowers will be gone 


The Bokbaaivygie trail near Yzerfontein is also still good.


All along the coast there is still lots of purple cineraria                                                         (Senecio elegans) and yellow bushes and shrubs. The West                                                   Coast Rd is awash with purple Senecio Elegance, Chinks and                                                 orange ursinia’s.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                    


Duckitt Nurseries Wildflower Reserve:


Kelkiewyn in particular still very good here


Waylands reserve:


This reserve still very pretty. Grasses are starting to grow                                                   

quite high. Lots of blue flax, kelkiewyn, arums, botterblom                                                   

and a variety of daisies.


Tienie Versfeld


still amazing esp with the Geissorhiza darlingensis just starting. Quite a number of different varieties still flowering.


Burgherspost Wine Estate Reserve 


 Most of the flowers are over, the yellow daisies are still in big patches but slowly being drowned out by the grasses. In the wetlands, the kelkiewyntjies are still nice and some nice Romulea’s and Kalkoentjies. There is a big patch of about 2 ha just is filling up with Watsonias – will be really nice when the sun starts coming through.


FLOWER SHOWS:           Over until next year


                                      Darling Wildflower Show

                                      Fri 20 until Sunday 22 September 2013                                         

                                      Enquiries 022 492 3361

                                      Duckitt Nurseries Orchid Show

                                      Fri 19 – Sunday 22 September 2013

                                      022 492 2606




LOCATION OF FLOWERSWe have some rain yet again in our area but by the looks of things    the weather will clear up by Saturday or Sunday. Our flowers are


Still visible next to our roads. You will see a lot more purple


Cinerarias popping up in the fields. If you are heading down to

Yzerfontein you will see chickery chees next to the road as well.


Bokbaavygie trail and the Schaap Island trail are stil the best  places to view some of our beautiful flowers. When walking the Schaap island Trail wear comfortable shoes as there are rocks that you may need to walk over. The Schaap Island Trail is a 2km trail that stretches from the main beach wraps around the harbour past some beach caves and stops at Schaap Island. If it has rained the trail may have a few wet patches so please watch your step when walking.

But this year as been the best year for flowers at the  Bokbaai vygie trail. The bokbaaivygie trail is still free to enter, visitors have parking available but must just make sure to close the gate when entering as there are Ostrishes that roam in a nearby camp.The Bokbaaivygie trail is only open till the end of September. Dassen Island Drive has beautiful streams of yellow and pink Cinerarias on the side of the road. The best time to view Yzerfontein’s wildflowers is between 12:00 and 14:00 as the sun is at its highest point. Wildflowers turn towards the sun.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                    

Cinerarias-Pink and Yellow, Bokbaaivygies, Senecio, Babiana nana, Gazania Pectinata(Kaapse Rooi Gousblom), Arctotis Stoechadifolia(Kus Gousblom)


HOW MANY FLOWERS:            Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.






LOCATION OF FLOWERS:                                                                                                                                             

From Hopefield to Velddrif on the roadside(R234 –R27)

Plaasmol (R45) 5km outside Hopefield


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     Wit, Geel & Helder Oranje Gousblomme (daisies), Persbosse, Bitoubos, Bruin Saliebos , Pers Drumsticks, Groot plate Camel blomme, Geel Bokbaaivygies, Arum Lilies (along the river),  Viooltjies (Lachenalia), Weeskindertjies, Geel Hongerblomme, Cineraria, Suikerkanne, Aalwyne, Rotsstert, Aandblomme, Pienk Wilde Malva, Wit Morea, Sewe dae Geneesbossie, Pers & Pienk Vygies, Melkbos, Slymstok, Kapokbos, Vlei-rys blommetjies, Blou Salie, Red heart Pocus in vleilande, Skilpadbessie, Duinebessie, Blombos, Tolbos (Leucadendron), Restios


HOW MANY FLOWERS:            Patches -On R234 between Hopefield & Veldrift 

PatchesWhite & Orange Daisies in town 

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.









LOCATION OF FLOWERS: Jacobsbaai Village & Walk along Roads /2.5KM SOUTH OF TOWN                                              



                                     Lampranthus vernalis

persdouvygie                  Drosanthenum floribundum persdouvygie

stinkkruid                       Oncosiphon suffruticosum


HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


        The pretty flower  season has unfortunately come to an end.




LOCATION OF FLOWERS   :Langebaan Gate to Seeberg Hide

Type of Flowers         :Orange gousblom, Yellow Suring, Skilpad Tebossie(Yellow),

                                    Sukkelbossie(Whtie Flower),Bobbejaankool(Yellow Flower),

                                    Spinnekopblom Stems, Hongerblom(Yellow & Pink).

HOW MANY FLOWERS:          Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


LOCATION OF FLOWERS   : Langebaan Town / Langebaan Country Estate

Type of Flowers             : Reenblommetjies (White), Geelhongerblomme 

                                       : Gousblommetjies, Blue Flax/ Sporrie (Blue Flowe

HOW MANY FLOWERS:          Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


LOCATION OF FLOWERS    :Road Langebaan Gate to Geelbek:                     

Type of Flowers          : Kapokbossie(White Flower),Bobbejaankool (Yellow flower)        

                                     Strand Sallie(Brown Flower),Harpuisbos/Euryops(Yellow    

                                     Flower),Restio/Riet(Brown Flower),Blombos(White Flower),

                                     Geelmelkbos(Yellow Rossete).

HOW MANY FLOWERS:          Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


LOCATION OF FLOWERS  :Road to Geelbek and Kraalbaai

Type of Flowers              :Bietou(Yellow Flower),Blombos(White Flower),

                                        Geelmelkbos(Yellow Rossete),Strand Salie(Brown Flower),

                                       Rooi Naeltjie,Truitjie(Red Flower).

HOW MANY FLOWERS:          Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


LOCATION OF FLOWERS  : Kraalbaai to Tjaarbank

Type of Flowers                : All the above shrubs.Helder Kuip Vygie(Yellow Flower)

                                         Vygiebos(Bright Purple),Ice Plant,Suring/Sorrel(Yellow &Pink)


      HOW MANY FLOWERS:    Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


LOCATION OF FLOWERS  :Postberg Gate Left to Plankiesbaai

Type of Flowers        :Suring/Sorrel(Yelllow&Pink),Reenblommetjies,

                                 : Eendekos(Yellow button flower),Vygiebos(Bright Purple)

                                 :  Pronk Tulp/Tulip(Pink),Petsnot(Yellow Flower).

                                 :  Bobbejaantjies, Bont viooltjies, Bloukappie, Rotstert, Varklelie,                                          : Naeltjiesblom, Lobelia, Vygies, Bloubekkie, Vygie bosse,    

                                 : Pietsnot, Bietou, Rooi Salie, Spinnekopblom,  Elandsvy,

                                 : Reenblommetjie, Slang Tamarak,  Bobbejaankool, Bloupypie,

                                 : Lewertjies, Sterretjie, wit daisies, Froetang, Pers Hongerblom,             

                                 :  Bokbaai Vygie,Veldkool, Kapokbossie,


      HOW MANY FLOWERS:    Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few



TEL:- 022 772 2144

Entrance fees: R44 – South African Citizens / R88 – International Tourist per person




LOCATION OF FLOWERS: Along road through town:

TYPE OF Vygies (lilac, yellow);  

                                                          Kus Malva (lilac);                                          

Stinkkruid / wurmbos (yellow);

Ganskos (yellow);

Astertjies (purple with yellow disc);

Slakblom (white);

Vaalteebossie (yellow);

Tree Mallow (purple);

Patterson’s Curse (blue);

Ramnas (light yellow);

Lebeckia (yellow);

Geelgombos (yellow);

                                                      Bitterbos (yellow).

                                                      Bitterappel (purple with yellow stamen);

Botterblom (yellow with dark disc);

Bitterbos (yellow).


HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


LOCATION OF FLOWERS: Britannica Heights


TYPE OF FLOWERS         :   Top:        Bos Poproos (yellow with orange/red tips);

                                                          Geel Suring (yellow);

                                                          Geeloog Suring (salmon);  

Lebeckia (bright yellow);

Gifbossie (yellow);

Reenblomme (white);

Vygies (shades of pink and purple);

Ganskos (yellow);

Patterson’s Curse (blue);

Vaalteebossie (yellow);

Wurmbos (yellow);

Raaptol/Lady’s Hand (blue);

Snotrosie (red);

Bloublomsalie (blue);

Purple Vetch;

Geelgombos (yellow);

Wildedissel (yellow);

                                                      Astertjies (purple with yellow disc).

HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


                                         Slope:       Kankerbos (red-orange);

                                                          Vygies (shades of pink/purple); 

                                                          Geel Suring (yellow);

Wurmbos / Stinkkruid (yellow);

Astertjies (lilac with yellow disc);

Snotrosies (red);

Geelgombos (yellow);

Purple Vetch;

Bitterbossie (yellow);

Lebeckia (yellow);

Slymbos (brown);

Mexican Poppy (light yellow);

Strooiblom (yellow);

Steek Ertjiebos (yellow);

Capnophyllum africanum (white).

HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


LOCATION OF FLOWERS: Around Da Gama monument


TYPE OF FLOWERS         :               Gousblom (orange);

                                                          Piet Snot (yellow);

                                                          Kus Malva (lilac);

Astertjies (lilac with yellow disc);

Capnophyllum africanum (white);

Inkpotjie (Spinnekopblom, brown and cream);

Wurmbos / Stinkkruid (yellow).


HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


LOCATION OF FLOWERS: Shelley Point area


TYPE OF FLOWER                            Geel Suring (yellow);

                                                          Gifbossie (yellow);

                                                          Piet Snot (yellow);

                                                          Kusmalva (lilac);

                                                          Slakblom (white);

                                                          Wurmbos (yellow);

                                                          Mexican Poppy (cream, a weed);

Geelgombos (yellow);

                                                          Capnophyllum africanum (white).                                                 

HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


LOCATION OF FLOWERS:            Brittania Bay – coastline & Cape St.Martin

TYPE OF FLOWERS         :               Gifbossie (yellow); 

                                                          Geel Suring (yellow);

                                                          Reenblomme (white);

                                                          Kusmalva (lilac);

                                                          Vygies (lilac, yellow);

Pietsnot (yellow);

                                                          Wurmkruid (yellow);

Strandsalie (orangy-brown).


HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


Succulent & Cactus Nursery

72 Flamingo Road

St Helena Bay

Wilma Wilson 083 763 3942




LOCATION OF FLOWERS: SAS SALDANHA NATURE RESERVE             Visits by prior arrangement: Contact : 082 320 0549



GOUSBLOM            -  Fields  - Between Malgaskop and Moresonkop

SURING                 -  Patches  - Lots of them next to the dirts roads

VYGIES                -  Patches – Behind farmhouse area also next to the road on the sea side to the lighthouse as well as in the lighthouse area.

SPINNEKOPBLOM    -  Few  -  On the Dunes at Kampklossie and also along the dirt road next to the dunes. Some must still flower.

PIEMPIEMPIE         -  Patches  On Baviaanskop and also in the rock area next to the                              farmhouse.  Also on the sea side of malgaskop on the                              dirt road about 500m after the entrance at the Northbay                             gate (close to the 2nd world war buildings.        

    PIENK FROETANG   - Few - Next to the dirt road at Malgaskop entering from the                                                     Academy Gate.     

    SALDANHA PYPIE   - Few   Next to road from Farmhouse to Kampklossie as well as                                                next to the dirt road behind dunes to the shooting range.

WILDE MALVA        - Patches – Next to the road on the way to Skulpgate

KALKOENTJIES       - Few - Aong the dirt road next to the dunes as you wlk towards                                             Tabakbaai.




LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        Cape Columbine Nature Reserve


TYPE OF FLOWERS:         Various  types of Mesembryanthemaceae & Asteraceae,

Ballota africana – Kattekruid,

Carpobrutus acinaciformis – Elandsvy, Chasmanthe floribunda – Piempiempie

Chrysanthemoides monilifera – Bietou, Crassula natans – Watergras

Cynanchum africanum – Bobbejaantou,

Cyphia crenata – klein Bokkies,Cysticapnos vesicarius – Klappertjie,

Dikblaar,Dimorphotheca pluvialis – Reenblommetjie,Dorotheanthus bellidiformis – Bokbaai Vygie

Euphorbia burmannii – klein Steenbokbos,Ferraria crispa – Spinnekopblom

Grielum humifusum – Pietsnot,Hemimeris sabulosa – sand Geelgesiggie

Lampranthus vredenburgensis – Vredenburg kruip Vygie

Limeum africanum – Koggelmandervoet,Limoniumn peregrinum – Strandroos,

Lyperia triste – Traanblommetjie,Microloma Sagittatum – Bokmaellie

Namaqua Kool, Nemesia versicolor – bont Leeubekkie / Weeskindertjies,

Oxalis pes-caprea – Suring / Sorrel, Pelargonium fuldigum – rooi Malva,

Pharnaceum incanum – regop Sneeuwvygie, Salvia africana-lutea – strand Salie,

Various Tamarak,Thesium spinosum – steek Groenbasbossie

Zaluzianskay pariflora – mini Drumsticks, Zygophyllum cordifolium – Sjielingbos,

Zygophyllum morgsana – Slaaibos, Zygophyllum spinosum – Spekbos,


HOW MANY FLOWERS:            Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.


LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        On R399 between Vredenburg and Paternoster.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     Carpobrotus quadrifidus (Elandsvy)

                                                Carpobrotus edulis (Suurvy)

                                                          Arctotheca calendula (Seepampoen)

                                                Arctotis hirsuta (Gousblom)

                                                Dimorphoteca pluvialis (Reenblommetjie)


HOW MANY FLOWERS:            Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.


LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        On smallholding Pelgrimsrust just before Paternoster.


                                                Trachyandra falcata (Namakwa Kool)

                                                Trachyandra muricata (rolbos Kool)

                                                Trachynadra ciliata (hotnots Kool/Wildeblomkool)

                                                Ballota africana (Kattekruie)

                                                Gladiolus caeruleus (Saldanha Pypie)

                                                Ornithogalum cooperi (Geldbeursie)

                                                Lampranthus vredenburgensis (Vredenburg kruip Vygie)

                                                Zaluzianshkya parviflora (mini Drumsticks)

                                                Danbeya zeyheri (Bobbjaanhoek)

                                                Romulea elliptica (Vredenburg Froetang)

                                                Roepera morgsana (Slymbos)

                                                Lapeirousia jacquinii (blou Koringblom)

                                                Carpobrotus quadrifidus (Elandsvy)

                                                Carpobrotus edulis (yellow Suurvy)

                                                Othonna coronopifolia (sand Bobbejaankool)

                                                Othana cylindrica (dikblaar Bobbejaankool)

                                                Arctotheca populifolia (Seepampoen)

                                                Arctotis hirsuta (Sout Gousblom)

                                                Dimorphoteca pluvialis (Reenblommetjie)

                                                Arctopus echiniatus (Platdoring)

                                                Oxalis pes-caprae(geel Suring)

                                                Oxalis obtusa (geeloog Suring)

                                                Aristea africana (Blousuurkanol, Koringbloometjie)

                                                Lachenalia rubida (sand Viooltjie)

                                                Lessertia frutescens (Kankerbos)

                                                Dorotheanthus bellidiformis (Bokbaai Vygie)

                                                Conicosia puginiformis (groot Vetkousie)

                                                Onocosiphon africanum (Wildekamille)   


HOW MANY FLOWERS:            Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.


LOCATION OF FLOWERS:        On R399 between Vredenburg and Paternoster.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                     Carpobrotus quadrifidus (Elandsvy)

                                                Carpobrotus edulis (Suurvy)

                                                          Arctotheca calendula (Seepampoen)

                                                Arctotis hirsuta (Gousblom)

                                                Dimorphoteca pluvialis (Reenblommetjie)


HOW MANY FLOWERS:            Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.



LOCATION OF FLOWERS         :R45 and the exits to Paternoster, Saldanha and Velddrif

TYPE OF FLOWERS:                 :Gousblomme(Orange&Yellow), White Rain Daisy, A few Arum Lilies, Suringe


HOW MANY FLOWERS:      Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few


LOCATION OF FLOWERS  :Road between Vredenburg & Saldanha

Type of Flowers        : Reenblommetjies (White & Orange) 


HOW MANY FLOWERS:      Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few









Between Citrusdal and Clanwilliam on the N7

On the R303, on your way to Op die berg

Between Boontjiesrivier and Boschkloof

On the old Clanwilliam road towards Algeria

On both sides of the  Bo-rivier road

On The Baths road


Drive slowly along the roads and remember to keep the sun at your back.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:     Orange daisy, yellow flowers, Cape rain daisy, reenblom, blou sporieblom, Clanwilliam harpuis, pienk vyggies,skilpadbessie, perde bos, viooltjie, berg magrietjies,

Cederberg daisy, bokbaaivygie, gousblom, bokhorinkies, white daisy, blombos, purple kalkoentjie, swart kopie, white katstert, botter blom, fluweel blom, suikerkan, bergsuurkannol, spelde kusing, Moraea gawleri tulp, didelta spinosa, bokhorinkies, raaptol, gousblom, Lampranthus cederbergensis


HOW MANY FLOWERS:            Fields/ Plenty / Patches/ Few

Please note that this is someone’s

perception, and not a guarantee.






LOCATION OF FLOWERS:                   

                                                          On road towards Gifberg.

                                                          Along the streets in town.

                                                          Ouberg surroundings


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                                 Karoo Daisy / Poublommetjies (Osteospermun)

                                                          Beetle Daisy (Gorteria).Wilde malva(Pelargomium


HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few



          Name: Succulent Show

          Date & Time: August and September 2012 Every Day 08:00 – 17:00

          Venue: VANRHYNSDORP

          Admission: R10.00 PP

          Contact detail: 0272191062 (Brink/Amanda)





LOCATION OF FLOWERS:                 

                                                          Along the R362 from Lutzville towards Doringbaai.


TYPE OF FLOWERS:                                 Karoo Daisy / Poublommetjies (Osteospermun)

                                                          Beetle Daisy (Gorteria),Gazania’s, yellow perdebos.


HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few



         For more info on other Attractions and Events in the West Coast region, please visit our website on, or contact our office on Tel: 022 433 8505.






Hi all


Herewith short report:


Rainfall, Skilpad section, Namaqua National Park:


April 2012: 13.71mm

May 2012: 14.74mm

June 2012: 86.62mm

July 2012: 35.30mm

August 2012: 68.81mm

September 2012: 5.83mm (to date)


There has been little rain and hot days the past month, and in the Skilpad area the flower ‘carpets’ are now starting to go down quickly. For late visitors there is still quite a lot of individual species to be seen, amongst other koringblomme; Gazanias and Varkiesknolle. These flowers are best seen by walking the trails or just getting out of your vehicle.


The coastal section from the Spoeg river to the Groen river is still excellent for a variety of colors. Purple, pink and white vygies are dominant. You will need a 4x4 vehicle for this section.


Kind regards





PO BOX 117



TEL: +27 (0)27 672 1948

FAX: +27 (0)27 672 1015

CELL: +27 (0)83 640 4915






Photos taken by Bernard van Lente, inside the Namaqua NP.





20  SEPTEMBER 2012


Dear All


We are proud to announce that the Namakwa region is in bloom.   The spring flowers is out in various colours like the orange daisies,  yellow peit snot and white daisies.   Our rainfall figures had also improved over the past weeks and we have defnatly more flowers to

show tourists coming from all over South-Africa and even from abroad.  


Flowers can be viewed in the following towns/areas 


  • Klipkoppie Springbok
  • Lodge Street Springbok
  • On the road between Okiep and Concordia
  • Nababeep
  • Namakwa National Park
  • Goegap Nature  Reserve
  • Garies
  • Hantam Botanicle  Garden
  • Calvinia town centre


Tips when watching flowers


  • Flowers are out during the day between 11:00 to 15:00
  • Temperatures must be up to 18 degrees  in order for flowers to open


 What to ware when watching flowers

  • Comfortable shoes
  • long pents (aspecially  when going for walks in the veld)


tourists advice


  • accommodation should be booked in advance
  • most of the towns do have fuel stations
  • most commercial banks are in Springbok accept for NEDBANK
  • most retail stores are situated in Springbok




  •  flower maps is available at all tourist information offices as wel  as at   all accomodation establishments.  


We wishes  you all a lovely sunny weekend.




Pearl Heyn


Tips for viewing flowers.

As the flowers also face the sun, a good general principle is to travel north relatively quickly and then do most of your flower viewing in a southerly direction so that the flowers are always facing you.


  • The flowers are at their best between 11:00am and 16:pm in the afternoon so there is no need to rush out straight after breakfast, (unless you have some traveling to do before you get to the flower region).


  • The flowers will not come out in heavily overcast or rainy weather so you should plan to visit other sights on such days. Keep this fact in mind planning your trip.


  • The displays are noticeably better if you travel with the sun behind you so that the flowers are facing you. So when planning your daily route, try to travel in a westerly direction in the morning, southerly during the day and turn east in the afternoon.


  • Get out of your car and walk amongst the flowers – you will appreciate them so much more.


  • The petal-like structures of daisy and vygie flowers only begin to open out once they have reached a threshold temperature, which is usually 20 °C on the coast and 17 °C on the cooler uplands.


The flowers season peaks between early August and late September and its delights depend on the winter rains. Some years are better than others. If there has been a steady flow of cold fronts during the winter, then it is likely to be a good flower season. However spring temperatures are also important. If it heats up too quickly then the early visitors have glorious sunshine but the flowers do not last very long.


The Catch 22 is that lots of rain means good flower displays. But if it continues to rain during the spring, then it’s not so much fun to view the flowers!


As a general rule the wild flowers begin first in the north in Namaqualand in late July/early August and then advance southwards through Niewoudtville and the Cederberg towards the West Coast as September begins. Thus if you are planning a trip for early to mid September, you will be too late for Namaqualand but fine for the West Coast around Darling and Langebaan. Similarly if you are coming in mid August then the best displays will be further north – generally speaking…