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posted on 20 September 2017

The flower season is almost over. We have had weather fluctuation the entire winter and this has hugely impacted on the longevity of the flower season within the West Coast. Flowers are deteriorating fast, but you can still see some blooms within the Darling and Yzerfontein areas. Flowers within the West Coast National Park also deteriorated tremendously fast and the tapestries of flowers are gone, you will, however, be able to see singular patches.
The northern parts of the West Coast have not had a good flower season this year, but they still have exciting things to do and see. The rich heritage of the West Coast remains and the hospitable people will always make the West Coast a worthwhile destination to visit throughout the year.
Below is the state of our dams within the Western Cape, showing an immense difference to where we were last year. We would like to plea to you to help us save water within the West Coast. Thank you.

Follow the link to the updated Flower Report http://bit.ly/2faIDKX



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