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posted on 06 September 2017

The past couple of days was hot up to 30ºC. Today it is raining, the weather just flipped! Whether this is the impact of climate change it is under discussion. However, the last time we experienced such an immense drought, with water restrictions reaching level 4 & 5 was nearly 100 years ago.

Nature is, nonetheless incredibly adapting and this is what the flowers have shown us over the past few weeks. The southern parts of the West Coast are still blooming beautifully. The rain today shows promise for more beautiful blooms. The northern parts of the West Coast don't have as many flowers, but there are still plenty to see and do.
We are asking you to please SAVE WATER and enjoy your stay on the Weskus. Stay connected on our social media platforms for flower power at your fingertips.


Follow the link http://bit.ly/2xNHelB to the updated flower report 5 September 2017.



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