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posted on 06 August 2014

Rooibos Route - Clanwilliam


With Clanwilliam’s 200-year celebrations we decided it was time for something new and exciting and we came up with the idea of developing our very own unique Rooibos Route. With a 150 km radius of production, Clanwilliam deserves to be called the heart of Rooibos world and this is where it all begins…


The route offers the tourist a special Rooibos experience with a 7 Clan option. They can either visit a Rooibos farm or production plant and for the more adventurous tourist, there are outdoor activities such as 4x4, jogging, walking or bird watching on Rooibos farms. The more relaxed tourist can visit a historical building or the local museum where you will find the upgraded Rooibos exhibition. Something not to miss is the Rooibos baking’s or tea tasting at the Rooibos Teahouse where you will find more than 100 flavoured/blended Rooibos teas. Enjoy a nice meal with lovely Rooibos inspired dishes at our local Restaurants and end with an overnight on a Rooibos farm or at a Guesthouse where you will experience Rooibos hospitality at its best.


The route covers a wide area in and around Clanwilliam, and the tourist can visit the different points in their own time and at their own pace. With the world renowned Cederberg Mountains, the Clanwilliam Dam and beautiful scenery in mind, this will be a wonderful experience for Rooibos tea lovers and nature- & outdoor enthusiasts.

Flower visitors will find this route a good alternative on cloudy days.


Information on the route is available on the website - with an interactive map to guide the visitor.

The different visiting points will be marked with all the Clan options on offer and allow the tourist to plan their own daytrip.


The Rooibos Route and website will be launched on 14 August 2014 @ 12:00 at The Rooibos Teahouse, NetMar, Voortrekkerstreet 4, Clanwilliam


For more information contact Sanet or Marietjie:




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