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posted on 29 July 2013

Urionskraal pad,Gifberg en Kobee pad,Waterval
Koekenaap, Bitterfontein area 
Op die grondpad na Landplaas en die plaas Koeelfontein,
Klawer & Vredendal
Tussen Klawer en Vredendal(R362) en dan die R363.
Lutzville, Doringbaai en Strandfontein 
Op die R362 vanaf Lutzville na Doringbaai.
Strandfontein omgewing en die roete na die cliffs op Strandfontein.
In an hour and a half walk from 11am to 12.30 pm. You can leave your car by the Strandfontein Saal and see it all. Follow the telephone polls that are marked by a hiker down through Die Hel and up the other side on the road; or the footpath that veers to the middle up the stony face. Up on the hill take the dirt road to the right. There are bushman graves amidst flowers, and 25 m on the Fryers Cove eco Garden and Wandering Whale Labyrinth. The whales are here and soon to calf.
OR the road between Strandfontein and Doringbaai as you come up the dip to the right is a gate that is signposted. Turn off and leave your car and walk directly to the sea. Take the split to the right and keep walking to the sea. 
At the Garden follow the footpaths along the coast and be in awe of the rich colours and smells that surround you. There are at least 20 different species of Flora to identify. Come and Find Yourself on the Matzikama stretch of Coast.
TYPE OF FLOWERS: Gousblomme,Bokhorings, haarbos,geldjiebos, pers vygie bosse, gazanias,geel perdebosse,daisies, noordkykers en verskeidenheid vetplantspesies,botterblomme,pers sporries.
Spring is in the Air and the veld alive with Life. From purple vygies to yellow daisy bushes and bright orange gazanias, with white flowers and bright lemon colours of bottorbome. The wild pelagonias of rich velvet reds and fuchsia pinks are in bloom!!
The meerkats and tortoises are out for a stroll and also the odd "skaap steeker slang " and puff adder. 
The Sacred Ibis, kestrels and Egyptian Geese are chattering all the different "brown jobs" are tweeting, wagtails and bokmakieries and muisvoels eating, the bushbuck have just had babies, and the bees are in heaven.
HOW MANY FLOWERS: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
Please note that this is someone’s
perception, and not a guarantee.
FLOWER SHOWS: Name: Succulent Show
Venue: Succulent Nursery
Time: 08:00 till 17:00 (open during lunch)
Admission: R10.00 per person
  Photos taken at Waterval, Vanrhynsdorp
(southern part of Namaqualand – from Bitterfontein southwards to just south of Klawer – main center north & northwest of Vanrhynsdorp)
Unlike the rest of Namaqualand this area is not famous for its daisies and other annuals, but for the hundreds of succulent and vygie species found in the quartzfields and surrounding vygieveld.  Flowering from early autumn through to spring, these miniatures and creepers are best appreciated on foot. 
Exceptionally good rains during autumn and early winter, makes for a particularly good succulent season this year. 
North and northwest of Vanrhynsdorp flowering vygies visible from the N7 – unfortunately few privately owned land allows access to quartzfields and vygieveld where flowering succulents can be viewed.  Best known locations with access to succulent quartsfields are Quaggaskop Farm (enquire at the farm office of the KNERSVLAKTE SPENS next to the N7) and Ratelgat (phone Jan Josephs 079 432 5399 for a prior booking)  
Hongerblom, Perdeblom, Skaapvygie,  Perdevygie, Kussingvygie, Muisvygie, Geelvingerkanna, Geel & Pienk rankvygie, Krapogie, Bobbejaanvinger, Koesnaatjie, Sentkannetjie  
Name: Jan Smuts Succulent Hiking Trail at Quaggaskop Farm - gives visitors access to a particularly specie rich part of the farm where hikers are allowed to explore the succulent rich quartz fields and adjacent vygieveld 
Location: 27 km north of Vanrhynsdorp just off the N7 – follow signage to the farm shop KNERSVLAKTE SPENS at Quaggaskop Farm
Admission: visitors are welcome throughout the week from 09h00 to 17h00. Fee of R30 per person charged, which includes a Knersvlakte Succulent ID Guide
Contact details: or contact Buys Wiese 082 829 8669 / Christine Visser 076 391 4700
Name: Ratelgat Hiking Trail
Location: 32km north of Vanrhynsdorp just off the N7
Admission: by prior arrangement only
Contact details: Phone Jan Josephs at 079 432 5399 for trail bookings
LOCATION OF FLOWERS: N7 both north and south (Fields/Plenty), Ramskop Nature Garden (Plenty), Biedouw Valley (Patches), Ou Kaapse Weg (Plenty) , R364 towards Lambertsbaai (Plenty & Patches), Vrede Oord cemetery (Fields) 
TYPE OF FLOWERS: Bokbaaivygie, Elandsvy, Vygiebos, Ridderspoor, Pietsnotjies, Hongerblom, Haarbos, Wit-soe, Gousblom, Bottergousblom, Daisies        
HOW MANY FLOWERS: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
Please note that this is someone’s
perception, and not a guarantee.
Name: Clanwilliam Wild Flower Show
Date & Time: 29 August till 8 September, daily from 09:00 till 18:00
Venue: Old Dutch Reformed Church (Flower Church)
Admission: R30 per adult, R25 per pensioner, R5 per child
Contact detail: or 027 482 2024
Ramskop Nature Garden
Admission: R20 per adult, R14.50 per pensioner, R7.20 per child
Between Velddrif & Vredenburg along the road. In town, Stephan str, Laaiplek.
all around the village , on plots and sidewalks and lots of white daisies on the sides of roads approaching the village.
Dwarskersbos in Main road
AIF Grounds, next ot Pelican Harbour and at the back of Municipality. On your way to Port Owen.  
Geel surings, wit reënblomme, oranje daisies, white daisies, geel kruip vygie, strandvygie,  slaaibos, slangbos , vygiebosse, (pienk) wit madeliefies, rooi viooltjies, biedoubosse (goudgeel)  
In town on vacant plots 
Next to Soutriver in town
On road to Langebaanweg (R45)
1st 25km from Hopefield to Velddrif on the 
roadside(R234) Drive carefully road full of potholes
Next to roadside from Bloemendal farm to R27,
Plaasmol (R45) 5km outside Hopefield
Gravel road between Langebaanweg and Cloeteskraal
Next to the road at the entrance of the farm Sandvlei 
Road between R45 and Moorreesburg (R311)
On the farm Bontheuwel next to R45
Still few flowers with patches of white daisies
Wit Reënblommetjies (Daisies), Oranje Gousblom, Arum Lilly (Varkblom), Surings, Nylandtia Scoparia - Duinebessie (Persbosse), Nylandtia Spinosa - Skilpadbessie, Bietoubos, Geel en Pers Hongerblom, Veldkool, Suikerkanne, Blombos, Babiana ringens (Rotstert), Restios/Riete, Weeskinders, Drumsticks, 
HOW MANY FLOWERS: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
Please note that this is someone’s
perception, and not a guarantee.
Name: Hopefield Fynbos Show
Date & Time: 29 August to 1 September 2013
09h00-17h00 (Beergarden open till 22h00)
Venue: Hopefield Sportgrounds, Ou Koperfonteinway Hopefield
Admission: R20 Adults, R15 Seniors, R5 Children under 12
Contact detail: Fiona Kotze 022 783 0856
Lizelle Strydom 022 723 1720 / 073 187 6764 1720 / 073 187 6764
LOCATION OF FLOWERS   :Langebaan Gate to Seeberg Hide
Type of Flowers                : Yellow Suring, 
LOCATION OF FLOWERS    :Road Langebaan Gate to Geelbek:                     
Type of Flowers          : Kaopkbossie(White Flower),Bobbejaankool (Yellow flower)         
                                     Strand Sallie(Brown Flower),Harpuisbos/Euryops(Yellow     
                                     Flower),Restio/Riet(Brown Flower),Blombos(White Flower),
LOCATION OF FLOWERS  :Road to Geelbek and Kraalbaai
Type of Flowers              :Geelmelkbos(Yellow Rossete),Strand Salie(Brown Flower),
                                        Rooi Naeltjie,Truitjie(Red Flower).
LOCATION OF FLOWERS  :Myburgh Park, Oliphantskop
Type of Flowers        :Suring/Sorrel(Yelllow&Pink),Reenblommetjies (White & Orange),
LOCATION OF FLOWERS  :Road between Langebaan & Saldanha
Type of Flowers        : Reenblommetjies (White)                                                            
LOCATION OF FLOWERS  :Oostewal & Sunbird Drive
Type of Flowers        : Reenblommetjies (White)         
LOCATION OF FLOWERS   : Langebaan Town / Langebaan Country Estate
Type of Flowers             : Reenblommetjies (White), Geelhongerblomme  
                                       : Gousblommetjies, Blue Flax/ Sporrie
LOCATION OF FLOWERS    :Road Langebaan Gate to Geelbek:                     
Type of Flowers          : Kaopkbossie(White Flower),Bobbejaankool (Yellow flower)         
                                     Strand Sallie(Brown Flower),Harpuisbos/Euryops(Yellow     
                                     Flower),Restio/Riet(Brown Flower),Blombos(White Flower),
                                     Geelmelkbos(Yellow Rossete).
                                                    HOW MANY FLOWERS: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
LOCATION OF FLOWERS:       Cape Columbine Nature Reserve
TYPE OF FLOWERS:      Various other typs Mesembryanthemaceae
Reenblommetjie, Kattekruid, Pietsnot,Koggelmandervoet, Suring / Sorrel,  rooi Malva, klein Steenbokbos, Bokmaellie, Bobbejaantou,strand Salie, Namaqua Kool, Bietou, Spekbos, Sjielingbos, 
Cape weed, Romulea barkerae – Paternoster froetang (endemic to limestone ridges in area)
Candles / Kersies (parasite), Goue Sterretjie,Steek Groenbasbossie, Varkblom / Arum,Groen Agretjie
Piempiempie, Poproos
HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Patches / Few of some plenty of others 
Walk to see flowers, don't drive as some are only 3mm big!
LOCATION OF FLOWERS: Pelgrumsrust (On the road between Paternoster & Vredenburg)
TYPE OF FLOWERS: Carpobrotus quadrifidus (Elandsvy)
Carpobrotus edulis (Suurvy)
Arctotheca calendula (Seepampoen)
Arctotis hirsuta (Gousblom)
Dimorphoteca pluvialis (Reenblommetjie)
Foveolina Tenella (Veld Cineraria)
HOW MANY FLOWERS: Field/ Plenty/ Patches/ Few
LOCATION OF FLOWERS: R45 and the exits to Paternoster, Saldanha and Velddrif
TYPE OF FLOWERS: Gousblomme (Orange & Yellow), White Rain Daisy, A few Arum Lillies, Surings
HOW MANY FLOWERS:  Field / Plenty / Patches / Few
LOCATION OF FLOWERS: On road into St Helena Bay, after the Apostolic Church, mostly left hand side of the road.  Near Elm Tree Guest House, other vacant land
TYPE OF FLOWERS:       geelsuring (oxalis pes-caprae) plenty, gifbossie, bietou, reenblommetjies
HOW MANY FLOWERS: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
Please note that this is someone’s
perception, and not a guarantee.
LOCATION OF FLOWERS: Da Gama Monument, Stompneus Baai 
TYPE OF FLOWERS:       geelsuring, gifbossie, bietou, gousblom, steenbokbos, Namakwa kool, pietsnot, poproos, oscularia, reenblommetjies
HOW MANY FLOWERS: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
Please note that this is someone’s
perception, and not a guarantee.
LOCATION OF FLOWERS: Shelley Point (sea side of Oystercatcher Lodge and apartments)
On vacant land throughout the development
TYPE OF FLOWERS:       geelsuring, gifbossie, bietou, pietsnot, kattekruie, sandviooltjie
HOW MANY FLOWERS: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
Please note that this is someone’s
perception, and not a guarantee.
TYPE OF FLOWERS:       Struthiola leptanta (jakkalsgare)/Chrysanthemoides monilifera (bietou)/
Eriocephalus africanus (kapokbossie) – in patches
Trachyandra muricata (rolbos Kool) – several flowering
Trachyandra falcate (Namakwa Kool) – in patches / mainly on eastern side of hill
Chlorophytum triflorum (Gifkool) - few
Hermmannia scabra (gewone Poproos) – patches
Rafnia angulate (soet Houtbossie) – few / according to book should only flower Sept to Dec
Indigofera procumbens (Lewertjie) – very few/not visible from road
Romulea elliptica (Vredenburg froetang) – more starting to appear/not visible from road
White gousblomme – few patches are starting to become visible
Salvia africanan-coerulea (bloublom salie) – few
Microloma sagittatum (Bokmaellie) – very few
Lachenalia pallida (bleek Viooltjie) – patches appearing / not visble from road
Sparaxis bulbifera (Botterblom) – find 1 specimen, an early starter?
HOW MANY FLOWERS: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
Please note that this is someone’s
perception, and not a guarantee.
Location of flowers: SAS Nature Reserve
Type of flowers: Gousblomme(White & Yellow), Elandsvye, Piempiempies,
How many flowers: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
Location of flowers: Between Môresonkop and Malgaskop
Type of flowers: Bokbaaivygies, Reëndaisies(White)
How many flowers: Fileds / Plenty/ Patches / Few
Use entrance at Military Academy
(Please contact a week before visit SAS Nature Reserve : 082 320 0549)
Darling has had good cold weather and good moisture in the ground. 
The prediction is that the bulbs should be stunning this year. The current sunshine and how long it continues will determine whether our season will be early or later.
TYPE OF FLOWERS:       Flora is just starting to stick its nose out – lots of leaves and signs of what’s to come, but nothing much to write about yet.
HOW MANY FLOWERS: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
Please note that this is someone’s
perception, and not a guarantee.
Name: Darling Presbyterian Flower Ministry
Date & Time: Friday 02 – Sunday 04 August
10h00 – 5pm daily
Venue: Darling Presbyterian Church, Pastorie Street
Admission: Entrance Free
Contact detail: Rev Ian Bernhardi 084 441 3091
Name: 96th Annual Darling Wildflower Show 
Date & Time: 20th, 21st and 22nd September 2013
9am - 5pm
Venue: Darling Sports Club
Admission: Adults                         R30
Children (under 18)     R20
Children (under 13)     free
Pensioners (Friday only) R20
Contact detail: 084 916 1111
Name: 2013 Duckitt Nurseries Orchid Fair
Date & Time: 20 - 22 September 2013
9 am – 5pm
Venue: Duckitt Nurseries, Darling (follow banners)
Admission: R20 Adults, R10 Seniors (Fri only) R10 scholars
Contact detail: 022 492 2606 or
LOCATION OF FLOWERS: The Schaap Island walking trail is currently the best place to view flowers as the majority of the fields are still very green. Vygies can be found between the rocks on the trail, a variety of Vygies can be seen. Best time to see the Vygies are on a sunny day. Please take care for any wet patches on the trail.  
TYPE OF FLOWERS:       Red Lanchenalias (Klip Vooitjies)
HOW MANY FLOWERS: Fields / Plenty / Patches / Few
The next flower walk will take place on the 24th of July at the Groenkloof reserve outside Darling. Local Yzerfontein resident Libbes Loubser will be conducting these walks. To enquire more about these walks please contact Libbes at 022 451 2504.
Hi all
Rainfall, Skilpad section, Namaqua National Park:
March 2013: 38.09mm (most of it on 29-31 March)
April 2013: 46.74mm 
May 2013: 12.69mm
June 2013: 76.71mm
July 2013: 19.81mm (to date)
We had very early, good rains in March and April, and then a hot dry spell in May. It seems as if the flowers are earlier than normal for Skilpad and some sections of the park. The Skilpad area in particular already almost looks like peak season. Here the Orange daisies (Ursinia sp.) are now the dominant species. There are patches of blue and white Sporrie (Heliophila sp) in between the orange daisies. The first Cattails (Bulbinella latifolia) have also started to bloom.
The Soebatsfontein area of the park is very good. The road from Skilpad to Soebatsfontein is also worthwhile (for high ground clearance vehicles only). The Caracal Eco-trial (4x4 only) is already worth the drive. If you have a 4x4 vehicle the coastal section from the Spoeg river to the Groen river is, as usual, good for a variety of species and colors (see photos).
Further afield the road from Garies to Groen river, as well as the road from Garies to Hondeklip bay around the Wallekraal area have very nice carpets of Beetle daisies (Gorteria diffusa). Springbok and surrounds have some beautiful patches, and the town of Kamieskroon is worth a visit on its own.
The road to Skilpad from Kamieskroon is currently being graded – thank you to the roads department.
Please note that I can only speak with authority on the National park and close surrounds, but there are reports of good flowers in some other areas of Namaqua.
Kind regards
PO BOX 117
TEL: +27 (0)27 672 1948
FAX: +27 (0)27 672 1015