posted on 23 January 2013


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Hello Everyone




The West Coast Fossil Park is hosting a demonstration of how to use recycled paper to make exciting gift bags from old newspapers and posters. 


This demo will be held at the West Coast Fossil Park on Wednesday 30th January.  We would like as many people as possible to attend as we feel this is a very good opportunity to promote recycling in a fun way and it could also become a source of revenue for the unemployed thereby uplifting the community.


Please read the article below regarding the demo.


Interested parties must please book in advance with the Fossil Park .

contact Wendy

tel:  022 766 1606




We hope to see you at the Fossil Park.


Kind regards


Wendy Wentzel

Public Programmes Unit

West Coast Fossil Park


Bags of Opportunity



‘Bags of Opportunity’ is an empowerment project in Cape Town which produces gift bags through recycling newspapers and, in the process, creates work for the unemployed.  Cynthia Querido explains how it all began.

“Newspapers have always held a fascination for me, from my youthful wish to become a journalist to my later work in publicity where my task was to put the news ‘out there’.  Now, my life having moved on a few pages, newspapers still play a critical role but these days I skip the news, snip the paper and, together with a team of previously unemployed women, create beautiful, recycled gift bags.

My inspiration came through a newspaper gift bag I received from India. Here, of course, necessity is the mother of invention, so it’s less about recycling - though this is a spin-off - and more about earning a living.  But the idea obviously caught on and now even hotels such as the Marriott in Bangkok use these handy bags to deliver the papers, urging guests to ‘preserve our environment by re-using newspapers’. A sensible suggestion and one which I’m delighted to say I’ve adopted.

To date, the little team of five has made almost 2000 newspaper bags ordered by companies and individuals.

While using newspaper was the original idea, we have since found that sturdier paper, such as brochures and advertising pamphlets, makes for more durable bags similar to commercial ones.  Using a batch of leftover maps from 2011, we made a few sample map-bags and, in no time, a company had ordered 1400.  This was a huge challenge but one  we couldn’t refuse, and it earned the team a gratifying income. Now over a thousand map-bags are out there, all homegrown and biodegradable!”

Here are some excellent reasons why you too should go green with a ‘Bag of Opportunity’:

• Supporting job creation;
• Supporting recycling;
• Purchasing an original, unique and homegrown item that’s also a conversation piece;
• Competitively priced.





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