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A Truly Unique ‘Slackpacking’ Experience!

If you love the idea of exploring unspoilt stretches of coastline and pioneering new trails, but hate the thought of carrying a crippling load on your back, then slackpacking is for you.

The stretch of coastline between the Berg and Olifants Rivers offers superb hiking opportunities which the Crayfish Trail takes full advantage of. There are a number of different routes from which to choose.  These include the Five Day Trail and a choice of Two Day Trails. 


A holiday with a difference! Hiking along the West Coast affords our guests an intimate experience of this beautiful place without the burden of a heavy backpack.


We believe in taking responsible and sustainable tourism to the next level. All guides, activities and meals are locally sourced to ensure an authentic West Coast Experience. 


Guests are treated to the best of what the West Coast has to offer including interacting with local communities, comfortable accommodation, tasty food and unique wines.


The Crayfish Trial Company offers a Five Day Option and a Two Day Option. But there are more possibilities as we can tailor-make an experience just for you, depending on your abilities and interests.

The West Coast of South Africa is an unexpected canvas where culture, community, heritage, natural beauty, wine, food, luxury and adventure collide. We have combined a unique blend of these ingredients to offer a truly unique ‘slackpack’ experience.

There are few places in the world where one can walk for kilometers and not see another soul. Not to mention spectacular ocean views from paths above cliffs, unique coastal vegetation, an abundance of bird life as well as seasonal wildflowers, whales and dolphins. This is an all-year destination in which each season brings its own surprises). 

The Crayfish Trail links a series of quaint coastal towns and noteworthy farms including: Elands Bay, Steenbokfontein, Lamberts Bay, Doring Bay, Big River Bend and Papendorp. Each has its own unique story and something special to offer the intrepid explorer.

Vital Information


Between 4 and 10.


West Coast.


Trial Tour special: R 5950 per person in a group of between 4 and 10. Limited to the Five Day Trail.

* These are discounted trial run rates and are subject to availability and size of the group.


Accommodation, food, transport, and guide.


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CALL: 083 553 9107

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Weskus Crayfish Trail