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Coastal Conservation

In terms of National Legislation, the South African coastal zone (beaches and adjacent coastal areas) has been closed to vehicles since 21 January 2002, therefore, no vehicles will be allowed in the coastal zone. Transgressors will expose themselves to prosecution.

Marine Conservation

Marine conservation is our heritage. Please take note of the following:
• Being possession of the necessary permits.
• Please adhere to bag limits and use marine resources judiciously.
• Do not litter.

West Coast Rock Lobster
The new season for recreational fishing of rock lobster will open on 15 Nov 2011 and close on 15 Jan 2012 plus 4 days of easter weekend(6,7,8,9 April 2012).The daily bag limit is four (4) lobsters per person with a minimum size of 80mm carapace length. Fishing time will be from 8:00 until 16:00 for all periods. All catches must be landed by 16:00.

No person catching rock lobster with a recreational West Coast rock lobster permit may sell it. Any rock lobster caught, collected or transported must be kept in a whole state. A maximum of 4 rock lobsters per permit holder may be transported per day, on condition that a maximum of 20 rock lobsters per vehicle may be transported with all permit holders present.

Minimum age requirement of 12 years for an individual to obtain a lobster permit. No age restrictions regarding all other recreational permits. Permits are available from any Post Office.

2 per person, 35mm. Only in season (1 March to 14 Oct 2012 ).

No Abalone May Be Removed. Abalone season is closed until further notice. 

For further information, please visit information offices. The information regarding marine conservation was correct at the time of publishing. Regulations change from time to time and it is therefore, your responsibility to remain informed of the latest regulations. For more information contact Marine and Coastal Management at 021 402 3911 or your local fisheries Control officer.

Marine & Coastal Management

Saldanha: 0217141747