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Route 1: General

Day 1



!Khwattu, the San Culture and Education Centre, is an 850 ha nature reserve on the West Coast where impeccably renovated old farm buildings house the project, a place dedicated to the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa, the San or Bushmen. It is a choice destination for the discerning tourist who wishes to meet and learn about South Africaís First People while enjoying a beautiful natural setting in the unique West Coast environment. Restaurant and craft shop: Tel: +27 22 492 2998 E-mail: info@khwattu.org
Web: www.khwattu.org


Known as the wildflower jewel of the West Coast, Darling has presented an annual wildflower show since 1917. The town is home to a number of artists, the most famous being the inimitable Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout who entertains the masses at Evita se Peron. The serenity of the village offers an excellent museum and award-winning wine cellars. Tourism info: +27 22 492 3361, E-mail: info@darlingtourism.co.za,
Web: www.darlingtourism.co.za



A privately owned game and nature reserve, Buffelsfontein has a history stretching back to the late 1800s, with a multitude of artefacts, structures and stories.
Restaurant: Tel: +27 22 451 2824 Return to Cape Town or . . .



Drive to Langebaan, the jewel of the West Coast, situated on the edge of a natural lagoon and overnight at one of the many choice guest houses. Tourism info: +27 22 772 1515, E-mail: langebaan@sbto.co.za, Web: www.langebaaninfo.com


Day 2



Langebaan appeals to both adventure seekers and those needing respite from the fast pace of city living. It is a mecca for kite surfers, wind surfers, kayakers, fishermen and yachtsmen. The quieter pace invites you to spend time in the West Coast National Park, the place where Eveís Footprint was discovered. Drive to Paternoster (Our Father) that took its name from the heartfelt prayers of shipwrecked Portuguese sailors. A historic and peaceful fishing village, it has the Columbine Nature Reserve with the well-known Tietiesbaai close to it. An ideal stop to sample typical West Coast seafood.
Tourism info: +27 22 751 1515, E-mail: langebaan@sbto.co.za,
Web: www.langebaaninfo.com



Velddrif lies on the mouth of the Berg River. A birderís mecca, wader hotspot, bokkoms and beaches - this is what life is all about! The beaches are situated along St Helena Bay where whales can be seen. Enjoy a sunset cruise along the winding river - an ideal opportunity for bird watching.
Tourism info: +27 22 783 1821, E-mail: velddriftourisme@telkomsa.net,
Web: www.tourismvelddrif.co.za

Overnight at one of the accommodation establishments.


Day 3



Goedverwacht was established as a cattle farm in 1810 by Hendrick Schalk Burger, who bequeathed the farm to his slave Maniesa and her descendants. In 1889 the Moravian Missionaries bought the farm. A walkabout includes visiting the old restored, fully functional watermill, the beautiful Moravian Church and the grave of the last slave.



Snuggled against the Piket Mountain, the town is an unexpected surprise, featuring a striking stone Dutch Reformed Church, an interesting museum and an old synagogue. The local vineyards include Org du Rac and Nieuwedrift, while Winkelshoek offers a wine tasting lunch. Tourism info: +27 22 913 2063, E-mail: tourism@piketberg.com,
Web www.tourismpiketberg.co.za