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Situated within easy reach of Cape Town, the spring wildflowers can be enjoyed at a number of locations on the Wet Coast. Combine the West Coast National Park, Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, the private reserves around Darling and Hopefield, with the annual wildflower shows at Clanwilliam, Hopefield and Darling. (Please note that the Postberg section of the West Coast National Park only opens for August and September.)

Spring announces itself with drifts of white rain daisies and tiny yellow button daisies, blue flax and pink nemesias. Sheltering between the taller plants are gems like winecups, sparaxis, lachenalias and babianas. The right climatic conditions (rain, followed by sunshine, followed by more rain) can extend the natural show well into October, with colourful vygies, watsonias, and fields of orange and yellow “stinkkruid”. In the mountains inland, heather,  proteas, conebushes, and perennial daisies flower into summer.

January is the best month to see the scarce red disas in the Great Winterhoek Nature Reserve, outside Porterville. Autumn surprises with a display of red brunsvigia, orange paintbrushes and the scarlet gout pelargoniums between silver-grey sage with its strange rust brown flowers.

Winter weather wakes the delicate yellow and orange chasmanthes, while the wetlands and roadsides fill with creamy arum lilies.