West Coast Activities


The West Coast has a number of different ecosystems and therefore offers the opportunity of birding in mountain, coastal, sandveld and estuarine habitats. The region is blessed with an abundance of birding 'hotspots' that include 8 IBA's and 2 RAMSAR sites. read more > >


The West Coast offers a vibrant and diverse cultural experience, celebrating the past and present lives of the people of South Africa. read more > >


Situated within easy reach of Cape Town, the spring wildflowers can be enjoyed at a number of locations on the Wet Coast. Spring announces itself with drifts of white rain daisies and tiny yellow button daisies, blue flax and pink nemesias. read more > >

Mission Stations

The Mission Stations on the West Coast bares testimony to the sterling work the church has done to develop the indigenous people of the West Coast. read more > >


The region is blessed with three excellent wine routes:The Darling Wine Route, West Coast Wine Route and Swartland Wine Route. read more > >





Events October 2016

1ClanwilliamFreshpak Fitness Festival, 082 895 4833
1YzerfonteinOktober Fees Ysok, 022 451 2819
1VredendalMadeliefie Makietie, 082802 0323
22PiketbergPHS Fun Walk / Run / Cycle Org de Rac, 022 942 1810
28VelddrifVisfabriek Toernooi, 074 684 7031
28ClanwilliamOmgeefees, 027 482 1231